Corporate Social Responsibility

We are thoroughly aware of the responsibilities we have to our clients, staff and our wider community. As an organisation committed to sustainability, OCS is focussed not only on addressing the environmental impacts of our products and services, but also on supporting our clients to meet their own environmental, social and economic sustainability goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility is important to our business with initiatives around the world including the UK's OCS Young Sports Person Awards, the PCS Foundation in Thailand and the Wells for India initiative, amongst other community projects. Around the country we participate in many local charity events and fundraisers such as Movember and in 2014 our contributions totalled over $180,000.

We acknowledge that social responsibility not only includes participation in fundraising event but also giving opportunities back to the community and enabling staff to give back individually also. Each year at the Australia/New Zealand annual conference for the leadership teams, one day involves staff spending time “giving back” to the local community in the conference location. A Sydney staff member Jenesis Quejayco was also supported by our business as a volunteer on a reconstruction programme in a flood hit area of the Philippines.